Man Made Chicken Salad

Like most bachelors, I look to re-purpose food any way I can. Last night’s dinner can easily become today’s lunch without much work. As a lover of sandwiches, among other things, chicken salad is a great change up to a cold cut.

This week I bought a few fresh ingredients that I used in a couple dishes to add some new flavors to basic man-made meals. Before the current fall weather blew into Chicago, I had fired up my smokey joe grill and made some Mexican0 turkey burgers (pics and recipe forthcoming) and grilled chicken.

So this meal starts out as basic chicken salad and then I added in a few extra ingredients to add more flavor. With most cooking, there are points where you can detour from the standard and get inventive.

Man Made Chicken Salad


-Cooked chicken (boiled, sauteed or grilled), I used 2 breasts.

-1 rib of celery

-2 tablespoons mayonnaise

-1 Green onion

– 1/4 of a green pepper

-Small handful of cilantro


-Shake of red pepper flakes


-Optional: a slice of cheese


1-Cut up the cooked chicken. If you’re super lazy, you can buy those pre-cooked chicken strips at the grocery.

2-Chop the other choppable ingredients.

3-Get a bowl and dump the ingredients in. Can’t get much easier than that. Get a stirring instrument and mix it until the mayo covers every delectable bit.

3 step meal. Toast some bread, throw a slice of cheese (I had provolone) on it and pile on the chicken salad. Feast!


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