Unkissable Chick Salad

Bachelors like all things bulk: toilet paper, protein supplements, women and especially meals.

The adage of work smart not hard also applies in the kitchen. Tonight’s meal used leftover fried chicken.

Depending on If you want to ensure a 50 foot radius between you and your closest coworkers tomorrow, you’ll need 1-2 chicken boobs or 3-4 miscellaneous chicken parts.

Like the earlier post on chicken salad all you need to do is chop and combine. The only thing easier than that is the girl I met last week. Just kidding. She had a lovely personality.

Food stuffs to make your mouth unkissable:
Raw garlic
Raw red onion

I have a mini food processor/chopper that saves me the trouble of chopping things.

Toss in the veggies and garlic. Whirl it for a few pulses. Then mix that with the chopped chicken and mayo. Serve on toast or crackers. I also had shredded cheddar cheese to fromage it up.

If a date kisses you after this dish she either has sinus issues or really likes you. I hope it’s the latter.

And for dessert: Tums

Happy wooing.

-chef drew


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