If Chipotle ever closed…

It hurts to even type that title. These tacos aren’t a comparable alternative to the food of the gods, but sometimes it’s good to make your own food.

Tonight, I headed to my buddy’s condo to take bachelor basics on the road.

He had ground turkey and shares a penchant for food from south of the border. He stopped at the store and picked up the other mex-essentials: onion, green pepper, chipotle peppers, queso, sour cream and tortillas.

Here are the pictorial highlights!

Chop green pepper.


Sautee green pepper and onion in olive oil.


Brown the ground turkey. Add some flavor. I added 1 chopped chipotle pepper, 2 tsps of the adobo sauce and some shots of the Chipotle Tabasco. After that cooked for a while, dust in some cumin.


I added about a cup of water to make a taco sauce. In hindsight, this wasn’t needed. It made the filling mixture a little wet.


Sautee a bit of chopped onion in olive oil, then add the can of beans to warm them up. We also added a chopped chipotle pepper in here too. Who really needs intestinal lining anyway?


Plate it up on a tortilla, adding lettuce, sour cream and cheese. FIESTA!



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