Cheap and quick post-workout protein


Ever have one of those days where you drive home with the windows down and the radio off? Or opt out of the ear buds on the train?

You’ll find music in the crescendo of the transmission as it shifts gears. Or the wind as it whips in and out of your windows. Or the bits of conversations and music you hear in the train car.

I tried a new gym after work and decided to listen to the evening as I drove home snacking on a protein bar.

Whenever I go to the gym I find I have some fixation on eating healthy. Once home I made a modified quesadilla light in cheese. I had refried beans, leftover chicken and a fresh tomato. I stacked the grub in a whole wheat tortilla and heated them in my panini press. 4 minutes later I had dinner. Much faster than any mile I will ever attempt to run.

I grilled some fresh broccoli, squeezed lemon juice on top and cracked some pepper.

Feel free to add roasted red peppers, olives, green onions, chipotle mayo or your favorite hot sauce.

Happy training!


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