All the cool kids


After a few chats and cooking shows I decided it was time. Time to smoke some meat on my new grill.

I recently upgraded from a snack size smokey joe to the family size weber. The new real estate allows me to grill more than 5 hot dogs at a time.

I’ve often purchased smoked deli meat but never learned how to do.

NEWS FLASH: it’s insanely easy.

Brine chicken in salt water. Soak wood chunks in water. Heat a chimney of coals. Set a foil pan filled with water on the bottom of your grill. This takes up half the bottom of the grill. Dump hot coals on one side. Put two wood chunks on coals. Put chicken on the side sans coals. Put the lid on and leave it for an hour.

What you do in that hour is up to you. You could read, watch a few shows on your dvr, or update your social media accounts notifying all of the impending party in your mouth.

After an hour. Check the chicken to ensure it is cooked. Meat thermometer would be ideal. Then let it rest and inhale it.



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