Grill can’t handle me


I thought I had the basic grill skills: marinating meats, packing burgers that wouldn’t fall through the grill grates. But the recent purchase of a new weber has enabled me to expand my primal horizons.

Smoking meats is by far the best way to utilize a grill. It’s borderline ridiculous how easy it is. If I may, it’s Ronco rotisserie easy. Once you set up the indirect heat and get the coals hot you put the meat (ideally brined, marinated or rubbed) on the cool side. Put on the lid. Then take a nice Sunday siesta. 90 minutes later you have a meat feast your caveman ancestors would truly be jealous of.

This afternoon I made a spice rub of paprika, brown sugar, salt and pepper. Applied it to a pork roast and slab of ribs. Let that hang out for an hour. Then fire up the grill.

Amazing. Definitely try it this summer. Your taste buds and dinner guests will thank you.




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