Low and Slow – Chicken Cacciatore

My lazy Monday involved taking the day off and a leisurely jaunt through the grocery. I grabbed split chicken breasts for 99 cents a pound, a can of crushed tomatoes and pound of white button mushrooms.

After washing the chicken boobs and peeling off the skin, toss them into your crock pot. Add the can of tomatoes. Add about half a cup of dry red wine–I’m partial to cabernet sauvignon–wash and quarter the ‘shrooms. Toss those in. Dust the mix with some herbs. I have an italian seasoning blend which is basil, oregano and probably some other random herbs. Give it a stir. Put on the lid. Turn the slow cooker to low.

I was too cheap to drop $1.50 for a green pepper but in hindsight it’s totally worth it to chop one up and get that unrivaled flavor. If you like a bit more heat from your sauce shake in some red pepper flakes. I’m curious about adding a chipotle pepper to my pasta sauces. Next time I’ll add one in and see what happens.

Take a nap. Catch up on your DVR’d programs. Text message your friends at work about the delicious feast you just put together. Put in load of laundry. Anything is possible.

If you do this first thing in the morning or even at lunch time, dinner will be ready around 5 or 6. Make some noodles and buon appetito.



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