Andrew’s Adventure

After live tweeting my train commute into the city, I took a cab to a morning meeting. In the 10 minute ride, I learned my cabbie, Muhammad Ali, wakes up at 4am and also doesn’t like driving in the snow.

The saddest part of my day was not being able to photograph my breakfast. I had eggs benedict, which is becoming my go to instead of french toast. It was at this moment that I realized I have a problem. There is no reason to photograph all my food, but for some reason I feel compelled. I’ve entered a support group.

Below are pictures from the rest of my day downtown: working at Starbucks with the hoi polloi, a stupidly delicious muffuletta, then an early evening of culture at the Art Institute of Chicago. ‘Twas a good day, but it reminded me that there are warmer places to live in January.


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