Rush Hour in Venezia

Rush hour is rough for everyone. Even gondoliers on the grand canal. Coincidentally, the traffic jam shot was at 5pm Venice time.

Here are a few other shots from my first day in that city that looks like a fish.

Following Florence is a nearly impossible task for any city. There is a lot I want to share about the beautiful town and hopefully I’ll get the time eventually.

My initial impression of Venice is it is incredibly touristy and akin to a miniature Disneyland. It even has a Disney store. Everyone speaks English and you don’t get the joy of hearing the sing song cadence of Italiano. The city is a bit tough to navigate but you just wander around and hope for the best. That’s the beauty of vacation time. You don’t have to be anywhere. So if you get lost, that’s part of the experience.

Tonight closed with venturing away from the center of the fish toward the southeast side. It had far less tourists and was more relaxed. Then on the way back, we stopped in San Marco square for the battling bands.

Ciao ciao, or as they say in Venice, good night!




4 thoughts on “Rush Hour in Venezia

  1. Totally, exactly how I previewed both cities to you. I am glad you enjoyed Florence so much. It and Rome were the best parts of my trip!


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