The Best iPhone Feature No One Knows


Amid iPhone 6 rumors and iOS 8 developer notes, there’s one iPhone feature no one is talking about.

After three years being an iPhone super user, I’ve read all the articles on secret tips and tricks buried in iOS. The Genius Bar calls me for support. All the articles outline how to use accessibility features to make your phone light up when you get a text or the myriad of hacks to take your beloved selfies (using the headphones button or the volume up/down buttons).

Everyday my news reader features an article on secret tips to unlocking the full potential of the iPhone. But there’s one feature I found that no one has written about in all the articles I’ve read. A feature so cool that my friends have responded “Oh my god. That’s so cool.”

What is this amazing feature you aren’t using?

FaceTime Audio call.

FaceTime Audio quietly rolled out with the iOS 7 update. Next time you go to call your bestie or Tinder-ella or whoever it is that you call, select FaceTime Audio instead of Voice Call. You can make calls from your contact list, iMessage or from the FaceTime app. As an added bonus, the ring is an amped up ring that makes the European ring seem humdrum.

The call quality is shockingly amazing. You’ll think the person is in the room with you. It is the HD of phone calls. You’ll never make a standard call again. Less people use the iPhone for the phone function, but this feature may just change that.

One other tip for those who don’t have unlimited data: Switch you settings so you don’t use Cellular data for FaceTime.


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