Training like a Masochist: Day 4

Despite seeing three classes I wanted to take on tonight’s schedule, I opted to pause my training and take the train home. I do not think my legs have ever been this sore. Walking has proven laborious. I know the tin man’s pain.

I tried to improve my posture at work today. Shoulders back. Core in. I still am not sure what my sit bones are, but I tried to tilt them back. Or forward? I walked around like a stick man trying to hula hoop.

Instead of lifting weights and sweating, I joined my coworkers for happy hour and fried foods. Only one way to achieve those fitness goals! Onion rings are protein, right?

Last night, I attempted to foam roll my noodles of legs and the pain was equivalent to when I went to physical therapy to have my shin splints treated. The foam felt more like steel cutting into my leg bones.

Once I find my car in the garage, I’ll cruise home and apply some icy hot to hopefully soothe the muscles.

Everyone has their breaking point. Mine appears to be three straight days of fitness classes at Equinox.


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