Shake Shack Arrives in Chicago | An Apology to Arteries

“It’s been like this every day since we opened a week ago. 11AM to 11PM.”

That’s what the menu hander outer woman said to the woman behind me in line.

Going with coworkers for lunch I was the lucky one, a rare occurrence. I had previously experienced the shake shack in NYC. I waited there and I waited in Chicago. Even comparison. It was a cold December day in NYC when I first experienced the rapture in my mouth.

There aren’t many things I’m willing to wait for. Shake Shack is worth the wait, if for no other reason than your appetite will be at its all-time zenith as you smell the sizzling meat and your gastric juices start eating away at dignity. I would not go every day or on a regular occurrence. The novelty and anticipation are the main draws. It has been nearly three years since I first stepped foot in the burger joint.

By the time you get to the counter, which is running full steam with four cashiers to take your burger bucks, you are famished and likely will order more than a human should consume in one sitting. Double cheeseburger? Sure. Add bacon? Who needs clear arteries?

Everyone I’ve surveyed admitted to skipping dinner after a shake shack lunch. It is everything a burger should be: tender, warm bun, crispy, salty meat, gooey cheese and crisp lettuce. My only regret was eating my shake stack too quickly and knowing it’ll be an hour from getting in line to inhaling another delectable burger.



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