All’s Well That Ends with Pie | Thanksgiving 2014


Timing is key for Thanksgiving. Alas, my internal ticker was woefully wrong this year. I brined the bird over night and used Alton Brown’s method of roasting: 500 degrees for the first 30 minutes, then 350 for another 90-120 minutes. The bird went into the dry sauna at 11AM and was done at 1PM.

Know what wasn’t done? Everything else.


I had just begun peeling and chopping potatoes. The broccoli casserole was prepped and ready to go into the oven. That left the Stuffin Muffins and gravy.

Tenting foil over the bird, I started darting around the kitchen, chopping veggies, heating up skillets, making a roux, warming milk and butter, sweating more than the turkey.


I don’t often plan when in the kitchen, believing that I can figure it out as I go. Thanksgiving isn’t one of those meals you can wing. In the end everything was executed well, if not in a precise finishing order. Thanksgiving 2014 proved to be a warm-up for the following night’s first Friendsgiving featuring Turkey Gumbo and a new variation on the crowd-pleasing Stuffin Muffins sensation.

The night ended with the traditional Pecan Pie, easily the greatest dessert and cause of diabetes.



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