Friendsgiving: There Will Be Rumple Minze

Eating turkey gumbo is a life-changing experience.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your closest, hungriest and most thirsty friends is almost as good as gumbo. Fresh off our successful dinner parties this summer, Leann and I invited our friends to share delicious food and cocktails on Friday.

I decided to make gumbo, one of my favorite dishes, and STUFFIN MUFFINS. Leann would fire up the oven to create some delicious sweets. The rest would sort itself out.

Contrary to the previous day’s timing issues, everything aligned for Friendsgiving and I didn’t forget a single thing at my house. Be warned, if you intend to make gumbo, it takes a solid 2 hours of constant stirring and attention. There are no shortcuts. It takes time, but is immensely worth it. Follow the recipe above the next time you’re wondering how to re-purpose all those leftovers.

Chorizo and Poblano Stuffin Muffins

Just when you thought STUFFIN MUFFINS couldn’t get any better, I throw a Mexican twist on what has become a classic.

Start by preparing for your life to forever change. Saute one stick of chorizo, 2-3 slices of bacon, diced poblanos, onion and bell pepper. After all the meat is sufficiently cooked to not kill your guests, add in turkey stock. Let that heat for a few minutes before killing the heat and adding to a large bowl of cornbread stuffing mix. Mix well and scoop into a muffin tin. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes (or until crispy on the exterior).

Best of the Rest

Waiting for guests to arrive is the worst.
Waiting for guests to arrive is the worst.

Waiting for the first guests to arrive is one of the loneliest feelings. Will they come? Are they lost? Did we tell them the right time? We had all the food cooked and ready to go. All we needed were the friends. We passed the time by half watching a Louis C.K. special and half watching the clock.

Soon after, our friends started appearing with trays and bowls of food. The party favorites were bumping and everyone grazed on the bevy of offerings. I used my newly acquired cocktail making skills to mix up the apple pie drinks (equal parts Fireball, vanilla vodka and 3-4 parts apple juice/cider). With that the party was off!

Among the many memorable lines, this may be the best out of context:

“You have to be truly naked for it to be effective.”

Take your own guesses as to what this is referring to.

Learning from our previous hosting, we chose to defecate on the earth and use disposable plates, which made cleanup exponentially easier and faster.

Maybe when I turn 30, I will start pairing food with wine. Until then, this year may serve as the last toast to youthful frivolity with shots.

Group photo
Group photo

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