How the Apple Watch Can Change Time

The Apple Watch may disrupt the telling of time, but there’s one thing even the Apple Watch can’t change.
This year more than previous, I was aware of the barrage of reminders. The elevator at a friend’s condo had one. There was an email from a realtor group. My girlfriend’s mom texted her. My newsfeed had this article from the Atlantic. 
What’s the big news? It was time to change our clocks!
While energy savings are likely irrelevant and we are no longer an agrarian society, here’s the thing I didn’t see anyone else discuss. Clocks are mostly automatic and digital. When’s the last time you physically changed a clock? Other than your microwave? Twice a year we struggle with remembering how to change the clock in our cars. Hold CLOCK and press SEEK? Or is it TUNE?
We rely on our phones to tell us the time (and weather and how far Uber is). Ask someone for the time. I bet they check their phone and not their watch, if they even have a watch. Watches are mere wrist status symbols that tell more about credit limits than time. 
I despise time changes because they mess with my well-established burrito-eating schedule, but more so because they are an insidious reminder of time. We establish our daily routine and become ambivalent to the time we awake and repose. Then the smug time change comes around and reminds us how early we have to get up. 
My company moved downtown last year so now I am Phileas Fogg, vigilant about time and train schedules. When I drove to work, it was irrelevant what minute I left. But when I have to drive, park and walk to a train that won’t wait for me no matter how many likes this gets, seconds matter, especially when aiming to catch the express.
This year, instead of having the same conversations and gripes, can we discuss the history of time keeping? We have come a long way from sun dials and obelisks. Can you imagine trying to change one of those?
Maybe this fall the Apple Watch will do something truly remarkable, remind us to fall back, take a minute to breath and unplug. 

Until then, did you remember to change your clocks?

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