Valentine by default

There they were. Under the sink. A whole box of them minding their own business. But I wasn’t. I had gone out with her and mutual friends the night before, not planning to have a slumber party. There was only one issue, that night before was February 13th. We had two beers at her place […]

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81 Squares | train tales

2. 5. 8. All neatly printed in five of the boxes. Methodically she scanned from right to left. With each scan she added, as small as she could, the possible options in the top left corner. After each scan she pulled the pen up from the folded newspaper and floated the tip of the pen […]

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Miller Time | train tales

He was a Miller man long before his trimmed goatee started turning gray, long before he began commuting to the city for work. He tucked his badge into his shirt pocket before joining his buddy from bowling and female coworker in the facing seats at the front of the car. They had met years ago […]

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