Emmy-Award Winning Dinner

  Dani Carlson commented on one of my many food pictures a few months ago. I first met Dani in college where she ran the show for the on-campus news program. She taught me most of what I know about broadcast news. Network and Broadcast News taught me everything else. She also won an Emmy this year […]

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Chasing Carbonara | Attempt 2

If at first you don’t succeed making a dish, try, try again. Since returning from Roma I’ve been chasing that perfect carbonara. It’s a diabolically simple dish with only a few ingredients. The first attempt was good but not as creamy as the plate I devoured in Trastevere. Last week at a restaurant in the […]

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Linguine al Limone | easy recipe

Jamie Oliver and numerous other chefs have posted recipes for this dish. The appeal is it’s incredibly fast and easy.

Make pasta & drain.
Heat olive oil in separate pan.
Smash garlic and add to hot oil.
Zest/juice a lemon.
Cut heat.
Toss pasta with garlic oil, lemon zest/juice, red pepper flakes, pepper, shredded cheese (I used pecorino).

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