Wedding Season 2014

I love weddings. I prefer weddings that I’m invited to, but I’m not picky. Wedding season is in full swing as summer in Chicago meanders onward. 2014 started with zero weddings on my calendar to explosive growth of three. The first of the year was for friends of my girlfriend in a land called Tinley Park. […]

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Reuniting with my grill

After two weeks of eating out every day I longed to create my own sustenance. Last night, I brined some center cut pork chops, fired up the Weber grill and started scouring the web for recipes to grill fruit. The first few days in Italy I forgot a crucial diet necessity: fiber. Most recipes suggested […]

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Wanna See My Sausage?

Opting to skip the gym last night, I spent my evening dirtying most of the pots I own reinterpreting the Italian classic: sausage and peppers. I had hot Italian sausage from my favorite Italian deli. It would be an insult to my ancestors to let that go to waste. So, I surveyed the fridge and […]

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I’m in Love…

I remember something in the Bible about making food your god. Or maybe it was to not make food your god? If it was the latter, I think God must have been rushed to crank out His “Thou Shall Not’s” and didn’t think it out fully. Because if He/She had waited the hour for smoked […]

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