Chasing Carbonara | Attempt 2

If at first you don’t succeed making a dish, try, try again. Since returning from Roma I’ve been chasing that perfect carbonara. It’s a diabolically simple dish with only a few ingredients. The first attempt was good but not as creamy as the plate I devoured in Trastevere. Last week at a restaurant in the […]

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Rush Hour in Venezia

Rush hour is rough for everyone. Even gondoliers on the grand canal. Coincidentally, the traffic jam shot was at 5pm Venice time. Here are a few other shots from my first day in that city that looks like a fish. Following Florence is a nearly impossible task for any city. There is a lot I […]

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un vasaio e il suo cane (a potter and her dog)

Yesterday was the last night in Firenze on what I’m quickly learning is an epic and ambitious trip. The itinerary includes Roma, Firenze, Vinezia and Paris.

We had hit all the main sites on our agenda in Florence and decided to visit one more before departing today. Our “wrong” turn led us up a monstrous hill to see this potter working on a clay teapot. While watching from the street a woman came up and slowly opened the door to the workshop revealing the friendly dog.

The potter started speaking Italian, then when she saw my face, which can best be described as that of a person who is lost, drunk or supremely disoriented, she began speaking English. She said she’d been working on the teapot all day.

“I hate it,” she jokingly growled before picking it up and giving it a look of a displeased parent.

I love it when wrong turns turn out to be the best turns.


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Snacking in the clouds

This morning started with light rain in Firenze. What does one do when it’s raining? You head to the market. There will be a separate post for that experience but here’s a quick shot of my afternoon snack.

The clouds have parted and the rain is gone. Off to enjoy the last night in Florence.

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Persone che guardano la gente

Whether at the grocery back home or wandering the streets of Firenze, I always enjoy people watching. Yesterday was my first full day in Firenze. While there are fewer unique characters than in Roma, the more relaxed pace and overall calmer vibe are a welcome relief to the overwhelmingness of Roma. The leisurely tempo can […]

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Foto di Roma

Here are a few photos from the 4 nights in the eternal city. I’ll post some thoughts when I get some more time. Just got to Firenze. It feels surreal that I am spending my birthday in the birthplace of the renaissance. Only one way to celebrate: like a renaissance man. Andiamo!

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