Move on up to

Greetings loyal and hungry readers! I bit the bullet and bought a domain. All your favorite stories and recipes have been migrated to If you followed before, you should click the flyout on the right and sign up for an email newsletter with the latest posts. Email followers have already been transitioned. There are always more (food) stories […]

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What goes up

Yesterday, I ate food from my first food truck. The truck was named Curry Up Now. Four hours later, I discovered it should’ve been called “curry me later.” I don’t often burp vomit, but when I do, it’s memorable. Such was the case with my lunch experience. I suspect the good Lord was aware of my […]

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Valentine by default

There they were. Under the sink. A whole box of them minding their own business. But I wasn’t. I had gone out with her and mutual friends the night before, not planning to have a slumber party. There was only one issue, that night before was February 13th. We had two beers at her place […]

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