2-Minute Gourmet Omelette

The #TortillaChallenge rolls on! Today’s dish was a super quick omelette with pecorino, basil and kalamata olives. It’s faster than making a sandwich and has more protein, unless you eat steak sandwiches. If that’s the case, I’m on my way to your place. 31 tortillas remain.

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Snacking in the clouds

This morning started with light rain in Firenze. What does one do when it’s raining? You head to the market. There will be a separate post for that experience but here’s a quick shot of my afternoon snack.

The clouds have parted and the rain is gone. Off to enjoy the last night in Florence.

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The Real Purpose of Business Cards

They aren’t for networking events. They aren’t for making a ridiculous house of cards. The main purpose of business cards is to fill fishbowls at restaurants for free lunch drawings. It is known by many that my favorite food is “free.” And my favorite drink: whiskey, with a strong preference for free whiskey. During a routine […]

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